Observations of a Homeowner

A pipe broke under the sink at my house and now I am at the homeowner in need of contractors.  Regarding contractors here are some of my observations –

  1. Confirmation calls are helpful – Emails and phone messages help me know they (and I) were paying attention to the details. Often a homeowner has many estimates scheduled and a simple reminder can make all the difference.
  2. On time estimates are best – some companies give a 2-hour range and this is too much. I have a job and appreciate the estimators who arrive in a close proximity of their scheduled appointment time. I can give 2 hours to reviewing the work needed, but not to wait for them to show up. 
  3. It’s not my fault – We had our windows cleaned 2 months ago, and when the contractor removed the wood floors they made dust that got all over everything. So far, it’s nobody’s fault but mine. This doesn’t seem right. I guess it might not be may fault, but the contractors are making it my problem.
  4. How much work do I have to do for the contactor? – I know I must do work to make things ready and that there will be clean up, but if a contractor itemizes the scope of work, it should be correct. A duct work company came and instead of crawling under our house and observing, the estimator just took a peek. I was not there so I crawled under the house to check on the work they proposed and discovered all sorts of errors in the bid. For example, the estimate was for 5-inch ducts and my ducts are all 6 and 8 inch ducts. 

At Flying colors Painting Co., we want to clearly understand the work you are requesting. We want to write out a clear common-sense proposal, and we want you to understand what we are proposing. Anything less is a failure on our part, and I hope that never happens. We understand that you are trusting us with your home painting needs, and we aim to always honor that trust by delivering on our promises and providing service that exceeds your expectations.  

Dustin Wilson - Owner

Flying Colors Panting Co.