Why Are There No Olympia Painters on Angie's List?

This is a screenshot of our grading on Angie’s List. I’m posting it here, because you won’t find it there!

This is a screenshot of our grading on Angie’s List. I’m posting it here, because you won’t find it there!

Well, 55 reviews and an “A” rating on Angie’s List are in our rearview mirror. You won’t be seeing those reviews, ratings or even a company listing if you go to Angie’s List. Flying Colors Painting Co. has served Pierce and Thurston County for 40 years, but because we are not interested in paying thousands of dollars we are no longer listed with Angie’s List. You read that right, to be seen on Angie’s List companies must pay to even be listed. This is a drastic change from previous years where paying companies would appear in key locations within search results alongside other reputable contractors.

In the past, consumers could turn to Angie's List for unbiased reviews and recommendations for a wide variety of services. These changes mean that when you the customer are looking for an unbiased opinion about a contractor, you won’t be finding it. Instead, you will simply find companies that are willing to pay a ridiculous amount to for a listing. This once unbiased platform is now a “pay-to-play” site offering you nothing but companies willing to pay the highest price. This new strategy undermines every bit of credibility.

People pay for advertising placement on Google and other sites, why is this different? On Google there are many opportunities for companies to pay for ad placement. It is a fantastic platform and it does quite well at generating business. Unlike Angie’s List, Google does not exclude companies that are not paying for advertising. The first 3 or 4 search results are often ads, but below the adds organic search results are shown. If a company is not listed, Google provides a way to add a business listing. Yelp and other referral sites offer similar opportunities.

For the last few years we have observed a decline in customers generated from Angie's List so our decision to exclude our company from Angie’s List in not likely to affect our business. What is concerning however is that there are many loyal Angie’s List consumer that may not be aware of this change and it’s a shame that Angie’s List is trading on the trust of the public for short term profits. Rest assured that despite our new absence from Angie’s List, when you continue to choose Flying Colors Painting Co. for all your painting needs, you’ll receive the same high-quality service we’ve provided for the last 40 years.