Exterior Color Trends


In search of the latest color trends in exterior painting? Do you want a stylish house exterior sure to look amazing? We are always in search of colors that inspire, provoke feeling, and draw attention to your home’s architectural qualities and details. At Flying Colors Painting Co. are here to help you narrow down the options and make an excellent choice for your home.  Times have changed, and rarely do you see deep brown, teal or light blue house; however, there are 2018 trends that may inspire you to update your old look for a fresh new appearance on your home’s exterior while still respecting the existing architecture.

Here are some of the best exterior paint trends that will make your home glow and increase the value of your home:

1.  Go with color

If you live in Olympia, Tacoma, Lakewood, or Lacey chances are you love living in the Pacific Northwest. We Northwesterners pride ourselves on being unique and expressive in the way we live our lives. Why shouldn’t the exterior of your home be the same? Don’t be afraid to step outside of the “normal” and experiment with innovative ideas. Spend some time at your local paint store looking over colors and even trying sampling some of those colors on your home. A small investment in sampling paint can save you some stress and worry.


Grey has become a player in exterior colors. It offers subtle color and creates strong character. Subsequently, paired with white trim, grey will be more than a fleeting trend. It is bound to stand the test of time.


An all-white home has a classic feeling and striking look. This may result in a little more exterior maintenance, but it's certainly a striking look, especially for a farmhouse-style home. Keep in mind, not all whites are created equal. Finding the correct white, with the fixed elements of your home, can be tricky. In addition, whites are never really just white, undertones need to be addressed when choosing the right color for your home. 


Most homes should use color in moderation. A beautiful white home can support a pop of color on the front door. Another way to approach color, in moderation, is to paint just the front door. You often see doors painted in red, but really, the sky's the limit.

Painting your home’s exterior may seem overwhelming, however, it’s an excellent way to add curb appeal by update your home’s appearance and it is vital for protecting your investment. Remember, “it is just as easy to paint your house the wrong color as it is to paint your house the right color”.  

If you are having a challenging time visualizing how colors would look on your home Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, Rodda and others offer online tools which will allow you to upload a photo of your home and experiment with color.