In most situations we give you a complete, printed estimate at the time of the appointment. If a printed estimate is not possible at that time, we mail, email, or fax it to you as soon as possible.

We contact you after your bid appointment to confirm scheduling arrangements. Work happens Monday through Friday with painters starting around 8am. For commercial work, we can arrange weekend and holiday scheduling if needed.

No down payment required. You receive a billing statement once the job is completed. We accept check, VISA, or Master Card. In most cases, your final invoice amount is the same as the original bid. The only difference is if something was added or taken away from the original project list.

Customer Satisfaction
In addition to the invoice, you receive a customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback helps us continually improve our customer service skills and professional approach. It also lets management know any issues to address. Past customers’ feedback helps ensure great future customer satisfaction. Thank you!

Our painters are background checked and skilled craftspeople who are polite, friendly, neat, and efficient. Their goal is to provide you the best professional painting services available. Please let us know how they're doing!

Flying Colors Painting Co has been conducting business in Washington State since 1980. We are licensed with the State of Washington – FLYINCP112R2 – bonded, and insured. We provide specific insurance coverage certificates naming the customer and project upon request for commercial projects. For 5 straight years Flying Colors has been voted Best of South Sound. 


  • For interior painting – Select colors and sheen at least one week before painting. Regarding furniture: You do micro, we do macro. You remove items from walls, smaller items from the top and inside of furniture pieces, items stored in front of walls, things in closets to be painted, etc. Our painters move remaining furniture and cover it with drop cloths or poly-plastic. Then they move everything back to its original location afterwards.
  • For exterior painting – Select colors at least one week before painting. Also, replace any rotted siding, install new gutters, clean/treat the roof, etc. before painting.

Color and Sheen
Our estimator can provide a selection of colors to choose from with limited color and sheen consultation. If you need additional consultation, we refer a color consultant.

Expectations and Processes
We specialize in residential and commercial repainting, and we recognize most customers occupy their homes and offices when painting happens, so we take special care when working inside and/or outside your property. Following are our general procedures:

  • Interior Protection – Cover all surfaces not being painted (carpet, trim, doors, windows, fixtures, furniture). The goal is to keep drips, spits, spills, tracking, and overspray from getting on adjacent surfaces.
  • Interior Preparation – Always fill nail holes and tack holes, fill split nail pops, caulk cracks, and prime water stains and pen marks. If you leave a nail or a hanger, we paint it; if you remove it, we fill the hole.
  • Interior Painting – Using professional tools and techniques, we spray, roll, and brush.
  • Interior Processes – Ideally, paint one area at a time, clean it up, then move to the next area. Variables which change this process include drying paint, adequate coverage, and multiple colors. We do our best to minimize what is usually a very invasive project.
  • Exterior Cleaning – Apply a bleach solution to treat algae and mildew growth. Then wash everything to remove residue, dirt, loose paint, etc. Drying time is at least 3 days.
  • Exterior Protection – Cover all surfaces not being painted (landscape, decks, sidewalks, trim, doors, windows). The goal is to keep drips, spits, spills, tracking, and overspray from getting on adjacent surfaces.
  • Exterior Preparation – Each variety of siding has specific preparation requirements depending on the surface condition. In addition, newer paints often require their own preparation levels. Below is a short list of siding types and their general preparation requirements.
    • Wood siding: Scrape loose paint, caulk splits, fill knot holes (optional), and prime bare wood.
    • T1-11: Aggressively pressure wash, scrape loose paint, and apply elastomeric coating on weathered and checked siding.
    • Manufactured wood T1-11: Scrape loose paint, spot caulk nail holes, and seal failing drip edges.
    • Manufactured wood horizontal: Scrape loose paint, overlay cracked caulk on cuts and butts, and seal failing drip edges.
    • Hardie or cement composites: Scrape loose paint and overlay cracked caulk on cuts and butts.
  • Exterior Process – Clean the house or building, select colors, wait for schedule and weather, and begin and continue painting until the project is completed. Often we paint one side at a time.

Paint Brands
In most cases, we use 100% top-quality acrylic paints from Sherwin-Williams, Kelly-Moore (Miller), or Rodda that give the best results and last for a long time. We also use other products requested by customers, such as Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint or Duration, Devine, Ralph Lauren, Harmony, Behr, and others. Some of these brands cost more, so we adjust the invoice accordingly.

In addition to any paint warranty (standard is one year), we add a 3 year warranty on the labor, which is something most paint companies don't do.  If you have a problem with any of our work in these time periods, we repair it for free.

Left-Over Paint
We leave additional open cans of touch-up paint for your future convenience in labeled containers.

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